What is a liberal, a conservative, and a progressive?

  • non-initiation of force unless there’s a really good reason to intiate force
  • that prohibiting vices create black markets
  • the impact immigration, traditionalism and non-right-wing liberal progressivism can have on democracy if negative rights aren’t protected (civic/liberal nationalism)
  • the potential ‘big government’ impact of immigration on the welfare state
  • that people had a right to create an imagined community through democratic means, so long as they don’t force their reliance on other imagined communities to maintain their own
  • within an imagined community, people have the right to privately own property, so long as there is public property available to allow reach to private properties and community services funded via ‘small government’
  • the closer government is to the people, both in sentiment, but also physically, the more likely government is to be smaller, less intrusive, and more efficient.



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Dana Pham

Dana Pham

TransCatholic ⚧️✝️ | Liberal Arts student @notredameaus | Thomistic Personalist | social media content curator | all opinions expressed here are my own