Running on Empty: Overcoming my Childhood Emotional Neglect

  • Discover how parents, even well-intentioned ones, can leave our emotional tank empty.
  • Identify symptoms of Emotional Neglect and their impact on health, work, and relationships.
  • Repair the damage of Emotional Neglect and learn life-changing self-care behaviours.
  • Be more emotionally supportive and connected in our own parenting.
  • Gain strategies for helping a patient or loved one overcome Emotional Neglect.
  1. Learning to nurture yourself, say no, and ask for help
  2. Improving self-discipline
  3. Self-soothing
  4. Having compassion for yourself.



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Dana Pham

Dana Pham

TransCatholic ⚧️✝️ | Liberal Arts student @notredameaus | Thomistic Personalist | social media content curator | all opinions expressed here are my own