Politicians’ Republic in Barbados

Dana Pham (pronouns: who/cares)
2 min readDec 18, 2021

“The following press release was issued following approaches to us by the media in regard to the move in Barbados from realm to republic.

Republicans sadly mistaken

Barbados becoming a republic has apparently given renewed hope to Australian republicans, but they forget that, in Australia, a referendum of the people is required unlike what has happened in Barbados where politicians have arbitrarily decided on the country’s future. In other words, what has happened in Barbados does not in any way relate to the constitutional situation in Australia.

Barbados was already a sovereign independent nation under the Crown. Some media reports have stated that “Barbados ditches Britain’s Queen Elizabeth to become a republic” (Reuters 30/11/21) which is totally untrue.

Barbados did not remove the ‘British’ Queen; they replaced the Queen of Barbados with a president. Along with the Queen they also removed the protection of the Crown and replaced it with the state, which is controlled, not by the people nor by an independent umpire, but by politicians.

The Queen sent the country her “warmest good wishes” for “happiness, peace and prosperity in the future” and said the nation holds a “special place” in her heart.

Should the people of Australia ever opt to become a republic in the future, then the monarch at the time will also give his, or her, good wishes and blessing for the future. How different is this attitude compared with some former prime ministers (who are also potential aspirants for president) from whom we hear nothing but bitterness and recriminations against their former colleagues?


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Australian Monarchist League



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