Lockdowns are unsafe

Gigi Foster is a professor with the School of Economics at the University of NSW. She recently penned an opinion piece about how unsafe lockdowns are. Here is the highlight:

“[The letting rip of] Costs of locking down must be weighed against the projected [and unsafe] benefits, with nothing ever known for certain but best guesses made in the wide range of areas directly affected by [unsafe] lockdown policies.

These costs include [letting rip] the loss of happiness due to [unsafe] loneliness from social isolation, [letting rip] the crowded-out healthcare for [unsafe] problems other than COVID, [letting rip] the long-term costs to our children and university students of [dangerously] disrupting their education, and [letting rip] the economic losses that have [unsafely] shuttered businesses, damaged whole sectors, increased inequality [dangerously], and will depress our spending on everything from roads to hospitals for years to come. [Letting] Deaths [rip] from [dangerous] causes other than COVID may well result.”

Source: https://www.smh.com.au/national/stop-this-human-sacrifice-the-case-against-lockdowns-20210627-p584o7.html



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Dana Pham

Dana Pham


Trans ⚧️ and Anglo-Catholic ✝️ | Liberal Arts student @notredameaus | phenomenologist | social media content curator | all opinions expressed here are my own