The following memoir was originally a submission to Black Inc Books for the Growing Up Queer in Australia anthology on 30 August 2018.

In Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, And that has made…

When someone:

  • engages in faulty generalisations (confusing ‘some’ with ‘all’) or oversimplification
  • misunderstands cause and effect (post hoc ergo propter hoc)
  • uses tautology (saying the same thing twice)
  • uses false analogy
  • uses non-sequitur (‘it does not follow’)
  • attacks a person or a person’s background, instead of the person’s ideas (ad hominem)
  • uses slippery slope reasoning
  • reflects a search for perfect solutions
  • equivocates
  • inappropriately appeals to common opinion (ad populum)
  • appeals to questionable authority
  • appeals to emotions
  • attacks a straw person
  • presents a faulty/false dilemma (either/or)
  • engages in wishful thinking
  • explains by naming
  • diverts attention from the issue (eg ignoring the question)
  • distracts with glittering generalities
  • begs the question (sleight of hand)

“Immediately FitzSimons released the ARM proposal, the Australian Monarchist League put out our own media released as copied below:

If the model released today by the Australian Republic Movement is the model to be voted on, were a referendum to be called, then monarchists will be able to sit back…

“The following press release was issued following approaches to us by the media in regard to the move in Barbados from realm to republic.

Republicans sadly mistaken

Barbados becoming a republic has apparently given renewed hope to Australian republicans, but they forget that, in Australia, a referendum of the people…

“Climate change action has contributed to the downfall of two Australian prime ministers. It is important that it does not contribute to the downfall of our system of constitutional monarchy.

The ambitions of the Glasgow COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference were overshadowed by President Macron’s accusation that the Australian…

Dana Pham

TransCatholic Liberal Arts student @notredamesyd who understands herself through the other | my politics is nuanced like my revert Catholicism | all opinions…

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