Email body: “Thank you for attending the event ‘Inside the Euthanasia Bill’ on Monday the 11th October. …

Something weird happened in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) on this day last month. Andrew Barr, the Chief Minister for the ACT, ironically from the Australian Labor Party, answered a series of questions as to why his government won’t do COVID-19 vaccine passports. The ACT is the home of Australian…

“Members may be aware that we have assisted in the establishment of an educational foundation in an attempt to reach Australians of all ages and all ethnicities together with intending Australians to provide background on citizenship and nationhood. …

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The following is a transcript of a video presentation available at: I recently submitted this transcript to my university. Feedback from my assessor are in italics and brackets:

Usually when a human baby is born, the medical doctor present would pronounce the baby a boy or a girl, based…

“The Australian Monarchist League has always upheld Australia’s constitutional system of governance under the Crown but now the New South Wales government seems intent on overthrowing the democracy that has been at the heart of our constitutional system since Federation.

On the NSW parliamentary website is posted a notice stating:

I’ll keep this brief:

  1. The Apostolic traditions surrounding the altar in the church building, used to celebrate the Eucharist during Mass, like offerings and sacrifice in other religions.
  2. The Catholic Church has a Magisterium that started in New Testament times by the Twelves Apostles, not just the Bible that was…


A watershed moment in the NSW Government’s response to COVID-19 occurred on Saturday, July 24th when, in spite of the prevailing lockdown, the “Worldwide Rally for Freedom” protest was held in Sydney. Mainstream media (MSM) reported 3,500 attendees, but watching a Facebook livestream, this number of attendees appeared far higher than what they were reporting. It was made clear to me that day that, whilst COVID-19 is serious, COVIDmania could prove to be more deadly.

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A few hours ago the Facebook page Mark Latham’s Outsiders posted the following that I have not seen reposted anywhere outside of FB:




(Please see the Disclaimer at the…

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I recently submitted the following essay to my university. Feedback from my assessor are in italics and brackets:

In my previously submitted essay, I started off with examining the competing views on the human person of transgender experience. This examination is important, because what we understand about the human person…


I feel very conflicted about the Laurel Hubbard controversy. In case you didn’t get the memo, Laurel Hubbard is a New Zealand transgender weightlifter who was selected to compete at the 2020 Summer Olympics, thereby making her the first openly transgender athlete, post-transition, to compete in the Olympic Games. A re-evaluation of the International Olympic Committee’s rules on transgender athletes competing is overdue, but it doesn’t need to exclude them.

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Dana Pham

Pronouns: who/cares | Omnivert | TransCatholic Liberal Arts student @notredameaus | @AUMallard contributor | all opinions expressed here are my own

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